Tadika Fatima

  • Tadika Fatima was established on a charitable basis for poor children living in the vicinity of Kampung Medan. It aims to provide safe and educational space to educate children from marginalized background. Tadika Fatima accepts children from ages four to six. Its curriculum aims to prepare children for primary school education. There are currently 30 children enrolled to Tadika Fatima.
  • We believe in the importance of education and the solid foundation one receives at a young age. In view of this, we have been supporting Tadika Fatima since 2014. All contribution goes to the staff's salaries and children's weekly meals.
  • Recently, SPB had the opportunity to celebrate Tadika Fatima‚Äôs 55th Anniversary together with their students, supporters and the Assunta Alumni at the Assunta Secondary School in Petaling Jaya.

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